We're committed to providing smart technology, sustainable processes & safe healthy upcycled ingredients – at scale

The vision of NETZRO is to eliminate food waste and expand the food economy without growing more food.

We are committed to bringing all food to its highest value while bridging multiple stakeholders to create a circular upcycled food economy. NETZRO takes food that would otherwise be wasted and powers it forward to feed more people.

Why Sue Started NETZRO

NETZRO’s Unused Food Reharvesting

The NETZRO Platform REDUCES, RECOVERS, and REHARVESTS food that would otherwise be wasted.

NETZRO provides the technology to pioneer and power the Upcycled Food Industry

Food upcycling is a new and rapidly growing double-sided industry. According to, in 2019 the global market opportunity from food waste was $46.7 billion. Food byproduct providers are seeking new ways to reduce food waste, and new food producers are seeking new sustainable functional ingredients. NETZRO has the potential to scale its proprietary technology to meet increasing market demands.

The possibilities of upcycling are endless - We are just getting started. Turn your problem into an opportunity. Our proprietary NETZRO technology can be applied to various food byproducts and is available to procure and customize to your business needs. The platform provides support for our customers who license the technology. This includes consulting on facilities, transportation logistics, process throughput as well as market identification and sales.


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