Use our proprietary equipment to become a profitable NETZRO Upcycler with our proprietary technology, extensive industry knowledge, and network connections and support.

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Knowledge + Equipment + Connections = Success

NETZRO has the Knowledge + Equipment + Connections available for you to succeed in the sustainable circular upcycled food economy.  We have the entire customized solution for your upcycling needs. We remain a long-term partner and provide support for our customers who license the platform. This includes consulting on facilities, transportation logistics, process throughput, as well as market identification and sales.

The NETZRO platform can be adapted and customized to fit with various types of food manufacturers

Efficient operations and processes

Required food safety specifications and standards

Designed to be able to run on renewable energy

Cloud-based data on multiple parameters of operation for optimal efficiency



Leaders with experience and expertise in the circular food system to assist/support you.



Proprietary equipment & technology that makes scaling possible



The NETZRO Network unites all partners of a sustainable food community

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