NETZRO is a leader in sustainability and the upcycled food circular economy.

We are Pioneering & Powering The Upcycled Food Movement.

The Growing Global Problem


The current food system's disconnectedness wreaks havoc on the planet, animals, and people within it. The root causes of climate change are often linked to changing land use and inefficiencies of the agricultural system.

We all have a role in the food system and we are stronger when united in changing the status quo.

The NETZRO Solution:

Change Our Food System into a Sustainable Circular Food Economy

NETZRO's part in the Circular Upcycled Food Economy

NETZRO has proven that food byproducts can be safely recovered into upcycled food ingredients that are used in new food products. NETZRO's technology has recovered spent grains from breweries and distilleries into upcycled grains used in snacks, cereals, seasonings, and milled as specialty flour. It has also recovered eggshells from liquid egg production into upcycled calcium and collagen. These are used as functional ingredients for nutritional benefits.

Instead of the current linear economy of take, make, and dispose, the upcycled food economy is circular products and materials at their highest value, eliminates waste, and regenerates nature.


The NETZRO Platform and Process can help your company's ESG mission

NETZRO is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to helping your company create positive impact.


With its circular approach, NETZRO brings value and creates a connective food system that ensures food is elevated to its highest and best use.

Reduce waste in landfills - Reduce GHG emissions

Reduce impact on the environment, reducing the causes and effects of Climate Change.

Create NEW upcycled ingredients/New sustainable food production


Increase nutrients by recovering and putting them back into the food supply chain.

Grow Grain Again: Upcycled Brewery Grains - A Grain Shortage Solution

Upcycled spent grain can be the answer to feeding the world more effectively, nutritiously, and sustainably.

With billions of spent grain going to waste each year, we can feed people instead.


NETZRO's proprietary technology and equipment was designed and development to upcycle various food byproducts at scale. 

Our model is to create local upcycling communities that can be replicated anywhere in the world with our equipment.


The NETZRO NETWORK: Unites all partners of NETZRO’s sustainable food community to increase awareness, education, and demand for upcycled products. We are building a network to connect the circular food economy that drives each other’s sales, encourages no waste practices, and expands sustainable agriculture.


NETZRO Solution

Sustainable & Scalable Food Upcycling Platform


The Result

New safe, sustainable upcycle food & beverage ingredients for food producers and consumers to use.


Less waste to landfill

Less impact on environment

Less expensive for manufacturers and consumers

NETZRO’s Unused Food Reharvesting


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