Upcycle Food

Are you looking to upcycle your food byproduct?

The NETZRO Platform & Network converts industrial food and beverage byproducts into new revenue and becomes part of the circular food economy.

Our Legacy Projects

Upcycling Eggshells

One hundred five billion eggs are produced every year in the US, leading to 300 million pounds of eggshell waste. The majority of the eggshells are either landfilled or land applied.

NETZRO sources eggshells from liquid egg-breaking facilities. Our technology separates the eggshell membrane from the eggshell, creating two new upcycled ingredients, calcium carbonate (shell) and collagen protein (shell membrane), for animals and human consumption.

NETZRO sells commercialized upcycled calcium and collagen to food manufacturers and licenses its platform to large egg processing facilities. The potential to provide upcycled calcium and collagen to food producers as well as the health & beauty industry is endless.

NETZRO Brewer’s Spent Grain Project

Upcycling Spent Grain - Pilot Project

During the distilling and brewing process, the sugars in grains are extracted then goes on to be fermented creating delicious beverages. However, nutritious spent grain is left behind in that process. NETZRO recovers and reharvests this natural byproduct to transform it using our proprietary technology platform into a new upcycled ingredient ready to be used again.

Brewers Spent Grain (BSG) and Distillery Spent Grain (DSG) are low-carb, high protein, high-fiber, commercial-grade, sustainably sourced grain or flour for upcycled food producers to use safe new ingredients.

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Do you have a food waste problem? We can help.

NETZRO recovers industrial food and beverage byproducts and transforms them into new upcycled ingredients with a new value that can be used again in the food chain. Excess materials are generated along the food supply chain, either out of inefficient processes or byproducts of other processes. The material hasn’t been fully utilized. That’s where NETZRO fits in, anywhere food stops. The end of the food supply chain is now a new beginning. Instead of a waste problem, value can be unlocked and commercially and economically viable.

The NETZRO platform recovers food waste from and with its partners by processing unused food and delivering shelf-stable bacteria-free nutrients. This agri-food technology provides several environmental and industrial benefits, including rapid volume reduction, water recapture, and bacteria elimination while preserving high nutrient value.

Upcycling is a top food waste solution for food producers regarding economic and environmental impact.


Our Wycliff Facility in St Paul, MN is always testing and experimenting in search of new byproducts and nutrients to bring back into the food system.

While we value keeping things local, and limiting transportation/shipping to encourage a better environmentally friendly footprint, we can connect your byproduct with our other technology licensee platform locations or start the process of buying their own equipment.


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