NETZRO Fills Board Position with Agrifood Systems Expert


Sarah Franz will help provide a regenerative agrifood systems approach to NETZRO’s innovative technology solutions to divert food byproducts creating upcycled food ingredients.

Sarah Franz has accepted a board position with Twin Cities-based NETZRO, SBC. NETZRO, a national leader in sustainability by eliminating food waste and expanding the food supply chain. Franz is currently the executive director of Healing Soils Foundation and was previously a senior advisor for Food Systems for the Future.

Franz expressed her excitement about joining NETZRO: “I am truly honored to be a part of the NETZRO team and their groundbreaking work in the field of food upcycling! NETZRO’s innovative approach to food upcycling resonates deeply with my passion for sustainability and fostering more equitable food systems for all. By converting food byproducts into valuable ingredients, we are tackling environmental degradation, enhancing nutrition, and fostering new economic opportunities. As I embark on this collaboration with NETZRO, I am excited to bring my expertise in sustainable and equitable food systems to the table. Together we’re pioneering solutions that have the power to transform our food system for the better, one upcycled ingredient at a time.”

“We have a critical role to play in creating a more resilient and accessible food system which includes upcycling food that would otherwise be wasted and the NETZRO team is honored to have Franz join the board. Sarah brings proven leadership in building a circular food system for the future that concentrates on regenerative agriculture and I look forward to working with her to build NETZRO’s technology framework as well as our wholistic strategy to food upcycling through certification,” said Sue Marshall, NETZRO’s founder and CEO.

Click to download press release: News Release Sarah Franz joins NETZRO Board